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Great day for hay

What quote am I vibing? "It's a great day for hay." from Letterkenny. Also, just Canada in general.

What am I listening to? "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins (over and over again in my head)

What am I reading? I've been at the beach for 2 and a half days and I've read like one sentence. This is not normal or good. But after I post this, I'll settle in to Heir to the Empire City by Edward Kohn.

What am I worried about? The fires in Northern California!!!

Road Day: 4

I have only one more day of full-time work this week, and then just the tail end of a project to finish so things should get more exciting. And maybe the weather is improving??

Wildfires in the west always make me sad, and I especially have my eye on the Carr fire, which is just south of where I'll stay in September. Growing up in the east, I know so little about these fires. There is actually a book called The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt & The Fire that Saved America about just this, and somehow I know nothing about the story. Will obtain and read. Will keep sending thoughts of containment and calm to NoCal.

Will sleep now, and give you a more interesting story tomorrow. I PROMISE! 😉

Two computers and tea. My life in a nutshell. (But ocean view!!!)

National Parks Yahtzee! How apropos.

Almost smooched a turtle.

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