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Hit the line hard

What quote am I vibing? “In life, as in football, the principle to follow is to hit the line hard.” Theodore Roosevelt

Road Day: 71

Stadiums Visited this Trip: 5 (NRG Stadium, Houston - I know it's football and not baseball, but I'm going to count it.)

Sports Weekend!!! This morning, I went for my first "run" in about 60 days. I definitely felt great doing it, and I have built up some endurance with hiking even though I haven't been doing a regular workout routine. I was also in the beautiful Houston Arboretum the run/walk was scenic - it made the time go by quickly.

I watched the first half of the Dolphins game (the part where they were winning) at a great sports bar near where I'm staying called Ojos Locos. I don't know if it was me, or them, or the combo of our energies together, but I received VIP service there. It was a great lunch. Super happy I went.

Then as the Dolphins lost their game, I reorganized some of my luggage which was a task that was painfully overdue.

Then I headed out for my big adventure of the day - Dallas Cowboys @ Houston Texans!! I think Greg felt bad that I was missing all the Dolphins games so far this season, and he treated me to an awesome seat at the Texans game.

It was such a blast! The attendance was the highest ever at a Texans game. Because of the Texas rivalry, the crowd was electric!! AND, it was a close game, to boot. In fact, it went into overtime, with the Texans taking the game. (Whenever I am in a place without loyalties, of course I root for the home team!)

Between the Astros game yesterday and the Texans game today, I have had such a noisy, people-filled weekend. It was a sort of shock-therapy way to transition back into society from my quiet, alone life, but I think it did the trick. If I can take these crowds, I can take anything!

More Houston to explore and a workweek to start. Gotta get some rest!

Endzone View!

Beautiful wildflowers at the arboretum.

A pond to let my mind wander.

I said it there, and I'll say it again. "WHOO!! I like fire."

Manspreading is real. It runs rampant at sporting events.

A real halftime show with Big Boi (from Outkast) - "If it's alright...I wanna kick it with you all night..." Love it!! Miami doesn't have halftime concerts?!

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