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Peculiar charm

What quote am I vibing? "All life in the wilderness is so pleasant that the temptation is to consider each particular variety, while one is enjoying it, as better than any other. A canoe trip through the great forests, a trip with a pack-train among the mountains, a trip on snow-shoes through the silent, mysterious fairy-land of the woods in winter--each has its peculiar charm." Theodore Roosevelt

Road Day: 52

Trails Hiked: Hedge Creek Falls (Dunsmuir, CA). 1 mile. Elevation change: 124 feet. Surface: packed down dirt

I had to work late today, so I didn't get on the road until about 4:30. I'm more than halfway through my time in Mount Shasta and I'd like to see all 12 sacred sites noted in the Mt. Shasta Sacred Sites Guide Book before I move on. Today I saw my third sacred site, and my first fairy?

I headed a little south on I-5 and exited in Dunsmuir. The trailhead for the falls is right by the highway. It's a quick trail, but a fun switchback style setup. When I got to Hedge Creek Falls, I met a charming couple from Canada - Richard and Barbara. They are very attuned to the spiritual world, and it was lovely to speak with them and share in their energy. When they left, I picked my way through some rocks in the stream up to a little bench on a cliff drenched in sunlight. You'll see below a picture that I took where I captured a trick of light, or a dazzle of energy, or a fairy, or a thinness in the veil. Interpret it how you will, I waved my hand through where it was multiple times to see if my hand would disappear or tingle. And inspected the area and branches for anything out of the norm.

Following my visit to the sacred space, I had a much more corporeal experience at Black Bear Diner. I have seen these little diners multiple times throughout my trip, but I was excited to learn that the one right here in Mount Shasta is the original. They serve homestyle food like grandma makes. I opted for pot roast and huckleberry ice cream, and sat and contemplated my luck at being able to have such intimate experiences with Nature and Universe.

Tomorrow I'll get my hair colored, and I think we'll all breathe a sigh of relief. And I'll be prepared the next time I encounter a little gift in the Forest. (I didn't know you were supposed to make a wish?? Both Greg and Katie questioned me on this!)

[Note: My guide book indicates that standing next to the hexagonal basalt columns flanking the creek, "you can tune in to their grounding force, calling a pillar of light down through your crown chakra and through your feet into the earth." Maybe that little blue light was the start of my pillar. I'm just not ready yet.]

Me in front of Hedge Creek Falls. Photo by Barbara.

Sunlight as seen from behind the Falls.

Hexagonal basalt columns, I presume.

The pool of water that the Falls splashes into is remarkably calm.

Selfie for good measure.

There she is. My little blue Spark of Life.

Huckleberry ice cream

Each chair at the bar had a different bear carving. Naturally, I chose this ridiculous one.

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