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A little speck like me

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

What quote am I vibing? "Look at all the stars. You look up and you think, 'God made all this and He remembered to make a little speck like me.' It's kind of flattering, really." Morgan Earp

Road Day: 66

I woke up early - super excited for Tombstone!! But had to work first.

I took my lunch break and had breakfast at The Longhorn - where they serve Doc Holliday instead of Dr. Pepper and where fellas just saunter in with six-shooters on their hips for their morning coffee. I had arrived in the Old West.

After a few more hours of work, I was ready to dive into Tombstone. I went and got a ticket for the reenactment of the shootout at the OK Corral - for a bloody shootout, they did a good job of injecting some lightheartedness in it to keep it from being too maudlin. And Doc Holliday!! The museum space around the OK Corral is very cool.

After this shootout, I was wandering down the road when a prairie woman and an intriguing blond cowboy type caught my ear about another show - with plenty of time on my hands, and a desire for more terrifying gunshot sounds in my life (super kidding - every single one makes me jump out of my skin) - I signed up for another shootout and comedy show. That intriguing cowboy type from above targeted me for an audience participation flirtation which made me feel awkward! (I know I'm a theatre person, but I'm all about that fourth wall.) But I suffered through. 😜

I bought a combo ticket which included a trolley tour - a great way to see Tombstone. My lodging house was even featured on the tour! We also stopped by Boot Hill Cemetery which I will visit tomorrow before I head out of town.

I topped my day off with a burger at Crystal Palace. It's easy to lose yourself all over Tombstone. Everything so authentic, or completely fake but authentic-feeling. A little bit of danger and intrigue. A few ghosts and the feeling of unfinished business.

I loved my day here! I'll try to see a couple more things tomorrow, and add this to my come-back list.

I swear I'm not usually this tiny. Virgil is unreasonably tall. Morgan, Virgil, me, Wyatt, and Doc

The final moments of the shootout!

The Bad Guys. Cowboys. Frank, Ike & Billy.

Crystal Palace. Gorgeous.

Me with Wyatt Earp statue at Wyatt Earp House.

I got Doc's cup! Now if I could only get my hands on some laudanum. (I KID, I KID!!)

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