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Air is medicine

What quote am I vibing? "Let the clean air blow the cobwebs from your body. Air is medicine." Lillian Russell

Road Day: 42

I left Mount Shasta today after work to spend a couple nights at the coast. Breathe the clean air. Let the ocean rebalance my spirit. I have decided to continue on in Mount Shasta as planned for now, though. The Delta Fire seems to be spreading mostly west. It will be smoky at times. Many times, I suppose. But I still feel called to stay there.

I made it to the Pacific for the sunset, viewed from 9th Street in Crescent City. It's so cold here. And so beautiful. And I saw whales through my binoculars!

I also turned on the television in the hotel room and I'm watching The Office while wearing my University of Scranton shirt. Maybe I'll be able to sleep a little longer tonight and give myself some much-needed worry-free rest.

There is such a variety of beauty to explore here, and I'm going to try and fit most of it into one day tomorrow.

Pacific Ocean sunset

It's so cold here.

Bye bye Sun, the only source of warmth.

Sailor's Delight

So happy to breathe freely!

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