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Clearly Ocean

What quote am I vibing? "How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean." Arthur C. Clarke

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild These Past Two Weeks / All Time: 29 / 288

This two weeks included two group cleanups - one with Keep Martin Beautiful at Booker Park, and another on World Oceans Day at Juno Beach via Loggerhead Marinelife Center. (Those weight counts are not included in my total of course, but the group effort at both was absolutely inspiring!)

The time also included a trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom while in Orlando with my friends the Millets! We saw the most adorable baby gorilla in its mama's arms, along with the whole gorilla family interacting so similarly to how we interact! The new Avatar-based land is sooo pretty. And a good warning against the damage that we are currently doing to our planet. Humans are just havoc wreakers, right?

The most interesting conversation I overheard during a cleanup was a mother and son:

Mother: You should be doing that! For your college resume.

Son: Mom. I do little things. I'm not trying to change the world.

Me: 🙄 (You should be, kiddo. It's your world.)

I'll give you the rest of the details via the photos.

June 8. World Oceans Day. Group cleanup. Sifting through the sargasso for plastic bits. The huge size of the group allowed us to focus on things that normally get overlooked.

World Oceans Day at Juno Beach. My friends Maxey and Jessica who invited me to the event!

May 31. Santa Lucea Beach. 5 pounds, 10 bottlecaps.

4 of 8 new sea turtle nests I spotted on May 31!

June 1. Booker Park cleanup via Keep Martin Beautiful. What an awesome group!

June 1. Kanner Highway. 3 pounds. (New safety vest!)

June 2. Bathtub Reef Beach. 5 pounds, 20 bottlecaps.

A roseate spoonbill feather at the beach - how strange!

I know you can't see baby Grace in her mother's arms, but she is there, cuddled and protected.

A teen gorilla hamming it up!

Pandora mood image.

Love the splashy sklooshy rocks around the House of Refuge.

June 5. Santa Lucea Beach. 5 pounds, 19 bottlecaps.

June 7. Bathtub Reef Beach. 7 pounds, 14 bottlecaps.

June 9. Kanner Highway. 4 pounds, 11 bottlecaps.

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