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Coming home

What quote am I vibing? “It's a funny thing about coming home. Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You'll realize what's changed is you.” F. Scott Fitzgerald (Shocking no TR quote for my last days on the road, but my Dad sent this to me, and it was too perfect.)

Road Day: 78 & 79

Miles Driven: 11,863

I'm home! I'll give you more stats another time. I haven't been the recordkeeper I thought I would be. I haven't been a lot of things I thought I would be. I have been relaxed, and happy, and doing things that have given me joy and memories.

Yesterday morning, before I left Saint Francisville, I had my B&B breakfast, and then a tour of Greenwood Plantation. Miss Charlotte was to give a 40-minute tour for guests - I was the only one who showed up, and I had an 80-minute private tour, after she learned of my love for history. It was wonderful. Instead of learning about the house or family drama, I learned about Saint Francisville and West Feliciana Parish during the late 1700's, when some men got together to escape Spanish rule, and they were their own country for 79 days before they decided to join the newly formed United States. The history of the area and house during the Civil War. The owners of the house through modern times. Stories of things that happened when movies were filmed there. (North & South, Louisiana, GI Joe 2).

Miss Charlotte also said my favorite thing to hear along my trip! "Did you know that Teddy Roosevelt was here?" And as usual, I didn't know...I learned more than I knew before. I may know a lot about Teddy, but locals are the experts of their own towns, and TR visited a lot of places. He spent some time hunting with Louisiana Governer John M. Parker at Parker Stock Farm in 1915. I found the story written in his words. (

I spent a few more moments in town for lunch, but sadly had to miss the PRISON RODEO. That's right. Prison Rodeo. Every Sunday in October. If every other prison in America isn't having a prison rodeo, they're crazy. The inmates also sell their crafts. I would love to attend in the future.

I drove 10 or so hours to Ocala, then today the final three hours home.

"Okay Google - Take me home." "Sure. Home." It had been so long since we've had that interaction. It made me smile.

I have more to say, but not now. For now I'm here. Reconnecting with my household. Unpacking bit by bit. (Yikes.) And reflecting.

This and a giant suitcase to sort trip hell.

Sunrise during my run in Saint Francisville Sunday morning.

Getting revved up to get back in a fitness routine in FL.

My view from the porch, before the breakfast bell rang.

The whole house burned down in 1970. Some of the elements that were recreated were done by film crews. Like this "black marble" fireplace.

"When you get lost you can always be found. Just know you're not alone. I'm gonna make this place your home." (The song I played for my very final stretch by Philip Phillips - also hearing it now after the GB game. It's all over me tonight.)

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