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What quote am I vibing? “There is a delight in the hardy life of the open. There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy and its charm. The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased and not impaired in value. Conservation means development as much as it does protection.” Theodore Roosevelt

I am catching up after a very busy couple weeks! Often, my endeavors are solo, but the two environmental adventures I have taken since my last blog post have been group efforts. It is wonderful to see the effective work a group can do in such a short time. And nice to have people to chat with!

The people I worked with today are very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna that we work with, especially Dallas, who I'm pictured with below. He has been so awesome in finding me unique and engaging volunteer opportunities, and today I finally had the chance to work with him! I was grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the plants and animals of Seabranch - and finally get a glimpse of the beautiful bald eagles in residence there.

Our work today was trail maintenance - my first experience doing this. I was happy to hear there were no protected plants in the park, and I could use my loppers at will without worrying about ruining anything vital. I also learned more about the activities of the hogs in the park - and I'm glad we didn't run into any today!

For my other recent activity, I have to go back almost two weeks to a group litter cleanup at Jupiter Ridge Natural Area at the end of March. Our group of volunteers along with leadership from Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management picked up a total of 800 pounds of bottles, cans, and trash from the intercoastal shoreline. It felt great to see all that trash removed from the wild at once.

Thank you to Florida State Parks and Palm Beach County for allowing me to be a part of such important work - encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors and keeping it clean and safe for our animal friends.

Dallas and I taking a quick break from trail maintenance.

Group effort to clear an easily followable path.

A freshly cleared and well blazed trail - inviting!

I forget what these are called...but JoJo from Seussical is definitely on one of them.

Digging some bottles out of the mangrove muck.

Helping to keep nature in a natural state!

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