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What quote am I vibing? "Everyone has a psychophysical nature which determines where they flourish and thrive. Dharma is using this inclination - the things you're good at - your thrive mode - to serve others. You should feel passion when the process is pleasing and your execution is skillful. And the response from others should be positive - showing that your passion has a purpose. This is the magic formula for Dharma. Passion + expertise + usefulness = Dharma. / Your Dharma is already with you. It's always been with you. It's woven into your being. If we keep ourselves open and curious, our Dharmas announce themselves." Jay Shetty, Think Like a Monk

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild since Last Post: 47

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild in 2021: 129

All-Time Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild: 2495

Whenever people ask why I enjoy picking up trash, I usually mention something about it being my calling, or being something that I can do to feel like I am doing something good in the world, when the problems feel out of my control. While listening to Jay Shetty speak about Dharma in his (audio)book Think Like a Monk, I was taken aback - the words he was saying perfectly explained the way I feel when I am performing this task - I have a passion for it. I am good at it (perhaps more flatteringly, I am good at spreading the word and being an Earth spokesperson, but I am also very adept at spotting and retrieving trash. 🙂) And it is useful! It is my Dharma.

Now I can't stop thinking about it! My Dharma. My very own Dharma. It feels good to have a purpose in life. I always DID have a purpose in life, but it feels good to have it defined in a meaningful and understandable way. I love learning all about thinking like a monk. Learning how monks are people too. And learning that I'd like very much to be a monk - and even though I can't be a monk, I can live a life of service.

There is something that I often say to Brian that hits him wrong - "How can I serve you?" or "How can I be of service to you?" - I'll often ask this when he is cooking or painting. I think he feels it has a misogynistic ring to it, but I never mean it in a cheeky way. We just spoke together about the monks' perspective of service, and how important it is for humans to serve. I think we now both have a deeper understanding of what I mean when I say this. And I feel the beauty in that question.

Ask each other. Ask the Earth. Ask an endangered animal. How can I serve you? Even just asking the question may make you feel more full of gratitude than you imagine.

I spent a lot of time at Santa Lucea Beach over the past two weeks. Every time I went, I found another big pocket of trash in the woods surrounding the parking area. There is still more work to do, so a few more visits are in order!

February 11. Santa Lucea Beach. 5 pounds.

February 15. Santa Lucea Beach. 5 pounds.

February 16. Santa Lucea Beach. 8 pounds.

February 21. Santa Lucea Beach. 23 pounds.

February 24. Kanner Highway. 6 pounds.

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