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Empty what's full

What quote am I vibing? "I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches." Alice Roosevelt

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild This Weekend / All Time: 9 / 40

"Want to pick up trash at Peck Lake Park this weekend?"

"You know I do!"

Wendy made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so after a weekend of comedy shows (Trevor Noah) and musicals (Jekyll & Hyde at The Barn) - I was able to get back to nature today. Last weekend I had a job working sound at the (very successful!) gala for StarStruck Theatre.

I had never been to Peck Lake Park - it is a really beautiful boardwalk path through a mangrove swamp. Short but not too short. Right away we came upon a pile of Corona bottles with the limes still in them - a recent party. Wendy pointed out that at least they weren't all broken glass yet.

We were pretty content to have seen an osprey nest and collected two small bags of garbage when we started noticing more and more under the main dock on the St Lucie and I realized that I could jump down below it pretty easily. This resulted in a larger bag of various recyclables, fishing paraphernalia (including fishing line which drives me crazy!), and snack bags, for a total pickup of 9 pounds in about an hour!

We weren't quite done adventuring, so we went to another local park I had never been to - Sandsprit - because there were rumors of parakeets in temporary residence. Of course just when we gave up finding them, there they were!

Rounded out the morning with a delicious burger at Whistle Stop and then back home for a nap. I'm happy to be recalibrating to my morning person schedule over the next couple weeks.

Sometimes you are willing to do strange things to scratch that itch and get rid of ugly trash. (Of course all photos of me by Wendy)

Our initial haul!

I like to pull out my old tree climbing skills sometimes, to keep them fresh.

The more you look, the more trash you see.

Just because this is my favorite hobby doesn't mean I don't find it totally gross.

Best wingwoman! "Can you grab my knife from my pack?" "There's a knife in here?!" 😜

Pretty little sweethearts.

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