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Finite planet

What quote am I vibing? “You cannot run a linear system on a finite planet indefinitely." Annie Leonard

This holiday season and early 2020 have taken me sightseeing in a few northeast cities, and I was so thrilled to find eco-consciousness in so many different places.

Brian came for a visit from Florida to the bitter north - the Baltimore Aquarium was just as wondrous as I remember from my times visiting as a child, and their attitude toward ocean conservation is ever-present throughout the exhibits.

We also had a day to explore Washington DC, and were able to see SO MANY THINGS only to realize that there were infinitely more things that we wouldn't be able to see in one day in the nation's capital. But, the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History did not disappoint with its encouragement for people to be more involved in the protection of our home planet. (Side note because this blog IS called Chasing Teddy - I specifically asked which of TR's specimens were on display from his post-Presidential safari in service to the Smithsonian, and we were able to see his White Rhinocerous, but I'm not including the picture, because in the end - it was a little sad.)

This weekend, I went to New York City for the express reason of visiting Arcadia Earth - described as "a large scale multi-sensorial journey through underwater worlds, fantasy lands, and inspirational art installations." I highly recommend you attend if you have the opportunity - this was supposed to close last weekend but they had the demand and ability to stay open through December 2020, and it is so thrilling to think of all the people who will be impacted by this unique experience.

I have been trying to process my time there into cohesive thoughts for over 24 hours now, and I decided that the longer I waited, the less likely I would be to even put it all together, and since the experience is so subjective and unique for everyone attending, I will just share my images and thoughts, and encourage you to learn more here:

They also have an amazing store to purchase more sustainable everyday products - I picked up mouthwash tabs, a Tencel towel, and Annie Leonard's book - The Story of Stuff.

Arcadia Earth - macrame nets paired with augmented reality (not seen here) to represent the overfishing of our seas.

Nets and mirrors.

This installation, explained further in the next photo, had the most impact on me. I am good about reducing my plastic use, and not overshopping fashions, but I do enjoy my omnivorous diet. I likely will continue to do so, but will reduce the amount of meat I eat per week. This fabric sculpture definitely made me pause.

"Not eating 1 pound of beef saves more water than not showering for four months." This statistic blew my mind. And I know there are a lot of naysayers that say statistics can be altered to whatever cause they are promoting, and I grant you that. But even if this statistic is 1/4 true...1/8 true...literally 1/100 true - it is enough to make me want to change my habits.

Overfishing and fishing litter makes us sad. :(

Not sure what this is, and I didn't make notes for myself, but it looks pretty cool.

Avoid synthetic fibers so this jellyfish doesn't get chock full of microplastic.

Ethereal stuff.

I like when an exhibit incites action via promise. Raise the stakes for our planet. I VOW TO...

Eat Less Meat. I promise.

Waste No (Definitely Less) Food. I solemnly swear.

Shop responsibly. You have my word. I am constantly researching a better choice for products in my life. Slowly replacing single use/plastic/damaging with reusable/natural/healthy.

The Capitol Building - let's make it useful for our planet in 2020!

Smithsonian trash art exhibit.

WE ALL NEED TO CARE FOR THE OCEAN!! (They are so excited!)

Christmas Present!! Gorgeous Vans "Save Our Planet" sneaks benefiting Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. I have gotten so many compliments on these comfy loves.

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