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What quote am I vibing? "Get action. Seize the moment. Man was never intended to become an oyster." Theodore Roosevelt

Road Day: 54

Trails Hiked: Gateway Trail (Shasta-Trinity National Forest). 8.6 miles. Elevation change: 700 feet. Surface: packed down dirt

I have been feeling quite inactive lately, and committed to a hearty hike today. I expected to walk 6.7 miles, but the Gateway Trail one-way is 6.7 miles. I ended up walking only 4.3 miles into it and then 4.3 back, due to concerns about losing the light and also overextending my body. I say only, but there's really no "only" about it.

The trail was gorgeous, hills and switchbacks, and little surprises along the way - the best surprises being the views of Mount Shasta. It was a clear, blue-sky day.

I am so sleepy - I think that was the longest hike in distance I've done in such a short time (it took about 3 hours) - I'm going to let myself fall asleep, because tomorrow I'm going to have a long evening at the theatre!

You probably won't see me again on chasingteddy until Friday during the day. Kisses from Mount Shasta!

My initial view of Mount Shasta on the hike. It always takes my breath away.

Clear sky and my favorite mountain.

Remember Black Butte?? I climbed it a couple weeks ago. :)

A minute for my legs to be still.

Sunlight and trees. You know what makes me tick.

The blue dot is about where I turned around.

I'll take the high road, and you take the low. You'll certainly be at the trailhead afore me. (I opted for 3 miles on the trail rather than 1.9 miles on the "road" on my way back. Somebody get this girl a MEDAL!)

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