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I must go

What quote am I vibing? “Our generation owes much to John Muir.” Theodore Roosevelt

"The mountains are calling, and I must go." John Muir

Road Day: 34

Today was a travel day from Salt Lake City to Lake Tahoe - 9 hours, and now I'm in Pacific time. I worked a full workday before the drive, so there is very little to report.

Very shortly after driving out of Salt Lake City, I started passing what looked like dried up lakes with salt all over them.

Conversations with myself

Is this like...the Salt Lake and it's dried up?


WAIT. Am I in the desert? This doesn't seem right.

Thank goodness there was a rest stop that told me I was in Bonneville Salt Flats - where the fastest land speed record in America was made. Salt Flats. Who knew.

I drove and drove and drove. Through Utah and Nevada, and here I am, one mile into California in South Lake Tahoe.

I'm melancholy and vulnerable. Perhaps because there's so little left west for me to go. Perhaps because I finally let myself feel alone. But either way, I have a big workday tomorrow. And exploring to do.

Maybe I'm feeling emotional because the pillow pictured below was right there when I entered my room. John Muir was such a prominent figure in the preservation of SO MUCH land here in California. He and Theodore Roosevelt did a noteworthy camping trip together a little south of me in Yosemite, and they corresponded often. That generation saw what was coming in America and did everything they could to save America from being overrun. Let's be those people. Let's love this land. But first, let's sleep.

My heart.

A little mouse house built into the salt flats?

Me and salt. Endless, endless salt. I didn't even lick it.

TR and John Muir in Yosemite.

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