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On the streets of New York City

What quote am I vibing? "Understanding the needs of labor, calling for the regulation of the economy, ensuring Americans would not be poisoned by tainted food and drugs, with all measures backed by strong executive power - these were the hallmarks of Roosevelt's Square Deal. The Square Deal was not shaped on western farms and ranches, but on the streets of New York City." Edward Kohn, author of Heir to the Empire City, regarding the importance of TR's New York City upbringing in all his important policies

What am I reading? The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough

Road Day: 15

What am I watching? Letterkenny

Found Him! Count: 3/4

National Parks Visited: 1

Theodore Roosevelt began his life on 20th Street in NYC - the only President to have been born in Manhattan. Today's TR touring began in the home where he was born (a reconstruction of the original, but suspend your disbelief.)

The morning was a stormy downpour, and tourists were tucked away in their hotels while the rain passed, so the only people on the first tour of the day at The Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site were me, Joe, my brother John, my nephew Nathan, and another National Park fan. Because we were such a small and interested tour group, the outstanding park ranger Eliza took us into not one but TWO rooms that are normally not included in the tour - the library where Edmund Morris and Delores Kearns Goodwin spent many hours doing research and writing for their books which I love so dearly, and a room full of taxidermied animals and other random goodies, like TR's desk from when he was Asst Secretary of the Navy, and an exercise bike that he used in The White House. A huge highlight of the self-guided portion of tour was seeing the copy of the speech and eyeglass case that protected Theodore when he was shot during his campaign in 1912.

Following this epic part of my trip (and the first stamp in my National Parks passport!) - John, Nathan, and I headed north to the American Museum of Natural History. Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. had a huge role in creating this Museum, and if you've ever been, you know the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall is chock full of wonderful quotes, stuffed animals, and history. Not to mention this perfect opportunity to give Teddy a squeeze!

A perfect day in the imperfectly perfect city where Teddy was born, raised, served as corruption-busting Commissioner of Police, and addressed many concerns as Governor of New York.


28 E 20th St - TR's childhood home front door

My first National Park of the trip!

Me, Joe, and Park Ranger Eliza in a mirror in the room where Teedie was born!

Young Teedie's favorite chair - specially made for him.

The Library! Secret Room #1 - Edward R Murrow wrote many hours in the center chair

Arsenic & Old Animals! Secret Room #2

The Speech & Eyeglass Case that saved our hero!

Bull Moose Dog Run in Theodore Roosevelt Park. I never before wanted to live in NYC with a dog. But now I see the allure.

The iconic statue in front of the American Museum of Natural History

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