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Only you

What quote am I vibing? "Only you can prevent wildfires." Smokey Bear

Road Day: 39

Trails Hiked: Spring Hill Trail (Mt. Shasta). 2.6 miles. Elevation change: 670 feet. Surface: packed down dirt

Money spent today: $0

Today was my first day working in my little cottage home here in Mount Shasta. I'm getting used to my new work schedule - 5 am to 2 pm. That's 8 am to 5 pm for you east-coasters. I was sleepy around lunch time, but I'm usually sleepy around 3 pm, so all seems equivalent. Just have to keep going to bed early!

I settled on a hike up a hill formed as a little offshoot of the volcanic activity of Shasta - Spring Hill. The trailhead is right here in town, and it is a beautifully maintained trail with a little nature loop. I definitely saw more animals and heard more scuttling in the woods today than I have on any other hike so far.

Unfortunately, I chose to do this on the smokiest day that I've seen so far. The views were veiled in smoke, and towards the top I smelled smoke and my nose became very dry. The smoke also makes me sneezy. It wasn't hard to breathe. Just, probably not awesome for my nasal cavities or skin. Once I finish up the blog, I'll do a detox charcoal scrub and a face mask. #selfcare And take my contacts out!! Ick.

There will be a lot of days like this here in Shasta where I'm centering - work then hike and read/relax. But stick with me, there will be fun surprises along the way. 😉😉

Me and my favorite mountain.

My lovely. tiny city of Mount Shasta.

I swear to you an eagle flew by and I just missed getting him in the shot.

So very much smoke.

Sometimes the self-timer catches a moment I'd rather forget. Like when I realized I scratched my sunglasses.

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