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Reason and faith

What quote am I vibing? "In the woods we return to reason and faith." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Road Day: 63

Trails Hiked: Bunny Flats Trail to Avalanche Gulch (Mount Shasta). 6 miles. Elevation change: Not sure. Let's say 750 feet. Surface: uneven dirt, rocks, a little scramble

Today was my last day in Mount Shasta. I am more comfortable with curt and emotionless goodbyes, so I will just briefly tell you that this month was incredibly important to me. It was something I have been looking forward to for months, and something that filled all my expectations, and left me wanting to come back for more. The energy here is full of life and love. Looking at the mountain every day has filled some cracks in my existence. The mountain is special. My cottage is special. I am eternally grateful for the way that I have spent September 2018.

In the morning, I traveled to Etna - an old mining town. I had breakfast at a little bakery. Stopped by the Saturday farmer's market to grab some sourdough for my host, and some strawberry jam for me (yum!). I also wandered around the area a bit, looking at the ranches. It's beautiful country.

After exploring Fort Jones Museum which was a lot of fun, I had an amazing ranch to table lunch at 5 Marys M5 Burgerhouse in Fort Jones. The ranch which raised my burger was about 5 miles away. The food was amazing! Definitely go. Wherever you are. Just go!

I originally had planned to go somewhere else, but changing my plan to hike up into the Mount Shasta wilderness today was definitely the best decision. It was a beautiful clear day for most of my hike, but at the end it turned cold and ominously cloudy. In fact, it's raining now! What a delight.

I had some quiet moments in the woods because I didn't meet anyone in the wilderness at all. I took the Avalanche Gulch trail which is normally used by hikers who are summitting Mount Shasta - I suppose it is so named because it follows a path of rocks and downed trees that must have been left there by an avalanche?? (My reasoning powers are amazing.) I was grateful for the pink flags on trees that I followed to stay on the trail. When I had one in sight, I was at ease. When I couldn't see one, I was slightly nervous. There were a lot of ways to veer off that trail. I also had some time close to a drum circle soaking that energy in, because the path spit me out at the upper parking lot of Mount Shasta.

Tomorrow I will leave early for a 12 hour drive. I'm not packed yet. I just can't do it. And I always wake up early. Don't judge me. Just send me good vibes. :)

Trailhead and such a beautiful clear view of Mount Shasta.

Ranch to table burger = happy girl

On a clear day...

Clouds covering the top.


super chill near the drum circle

Clouds rolling in.

A gift of thanks and farewell from my host Sylvia. "We love it here." We do, so much.

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