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Sagamore Hill

What quote am I vibing? "I wonder if you will ever know how I love Sagamore Hill." Theodore Roosevelt

What am I listening to? Mostly Bob Marley

Road Day: 3

It was a rainy day here in the Outer Banks, which is lucky because I needed to have a full work day and evening. I am 23% finished the project that I would like to have done no later than Thursday. Super doable. So, I ran in the morning with Katie - more efficiently than I have ever run before. And other than that, most of my non-work activities revolved around eating. I had the best salad in the world from Lighthouse Bagels just a stone's throw away from the beach house. I look forward to eating the salad several times throughout the week every year. It's the housemade poppyseed dressing that does it for me.

In light of my productive, but rather uneventful day - I have a Flashback Teddy for you.

In February of this year, I found a very inexpensive flight up north and was able to celebrate two friends' birthdays and get to Sagamore Hill, all within about 70 hours. Of course it has been a dream of mine to visit, knowing how much it meant to my favorite President. And now it is a dream to visit again in each season. Winter was beautiful in its own way, of course. But frigid for my now-Floridian blood. And I'd love to see the trees and flowers in bloom.

Touring the house was thrilling - no photos are allowed inside, which was wonderful because it allowed me to settle in and feel the presence of the Roosevelts in the home that they enjoyed so very much. I was able to take a few shots on the outside, and in the on-site museum.

After the tour, and a stroll through the museum and grounds, I went to Theodore Roosevelt's burial site. As you may already know, I love cemeteries. Youngs Memorial Cemetery in Oyster Bay is a good one. Old and difficult to navigate. The 26 steps that lead to TR's grave, in honor of his role as the 26th President are impressive. I was the only one visiting when I went in the cold, dead of winter. What a wonderful time for me to spend a few minutes alone in the presence of this man I admire so much!

Onward to tomorrow. I expect the first half of this week to be very work-laden. But, for a good cause - to have a lot of fun in the second half of the week.

House salad from Lighthouse Bagels. Add bacon. Add avocado. Poppyseed dressing.

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