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Set our house in order

What quote am I vibing? "Conservation of our resources is the fundamental question before this nation, and that our first and greatest task is to set our house in order and begin to live within our means." Theodore Roosevelt

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild since Last Post: 113

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild in 2022: 242

All-Time Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild: 2608

Back to a classic TR quote this time! Today I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a segment on WPTV, which airs on Monday, and I got to speak a little bit about my love for Teddy, which I haven't done in a bit. I reminisced about my road trip, and how unbelievably inspiring that trip was for me. That is what started this entire journey of trash pick up and obsession with conservation and the beautiful world in which we live.

This has been a very productive few weeks, as we found a major project area at Bob Graham Beach - cans are thrown willy nilly into the parking lot woods, it is almost mind-blowing how much trash is in there. We have cleaned less than half the parking lot, and picked up 103 pounds so far. Of mostly cans, and they are light!

I just wanted to check in and account for these pounds, but I will post again with a link to the news story after it airs. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to share my passion with others.

March 3. Kanner/Central. 5 pounds. (I was so not happy about some new construction happening there)

March 6. Bob Graham Beach, with Brian. 15 pounds.

March 7. Kanner Highway. 5 pounds.

March 13. Bob Graham Beach, with Brian. 56 pounds.

March 16. Bob Graham Beach, with Brian. 12 pounds.

March 17. Bob Graham Beach, with Chris, John, and Beth. 20 pounds. (More photos/interview link to come)

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