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Still very far

What quote am I vibing? "The way up to the top of the mountain is always longer than you think. Don't fool yourself, the moment will arrive when what seemed so near is still very far." Paulo Coelho

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild This Summer: 88

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild Today: 96

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild All Time: 504

Today is World Cleanup Day and after months of driving over the Gap Mountain and absolutely hating the trash, I decided there was no day like TODAY to clean it up. I parked at the bottom and walked to the summit. I think it only took 20 minutes, but with the 40 degreeish and neverending grade, I was fairly spent by the time I got to my trash pickup starting point!

At the top is a popular dumping ground - up until a few days ago, 3 couches and other furniture had accumulated because of people's ignorance. When I planned this cleanup, I also planned a request for help to remove them I would make to social media, but my Dad came to me with amazing news yesterday - the couches are gone! Mount Carmel Township cleared the large trash and a lot of the little trash as well. There was a little for me to bag up at the top, but it wasn't overwhelming. Then my trip down the mountain and cleanup began.

Thankfully, traffic is light, and easy to hear in the quiet of the mountain - safety was an initial concern because of speed and sightlines, but I quickly became comfortable with my car avoidance routine. Dad volunteered to join me near the end of the cleanup, and let me know I should just leave bags beside the road on my way down and we would gather them at the end in his pickup. This was a blessing, because I really only wanted to make one walking journey up that mountain today!

My efforts produced 9 bags - 6 of trash, 3 of recyclables. I was careful to not include anything that was dirty or questionable in the recycling containers - until recycling practices improve, it is better to not recycle at all than to recycle without following the rules, as they say!

It felt amazing to get back out there after a cleanup hiatus. And to add SO MANY pounds to my total!

I am here at the homestead in Pennsylvania for another couple weeks. I do still have a few "home" projects to tend to, though the bulk of what I hoped to achieve is done. I hope to clean a few more areas, and maybe give this part of the mountain another sweep.

As Dad came back over the mountain later in the day, he saw a few new pieces of trash. Can you imagine??? Thankfully, he stopped to pick them up! A very good papa.

Some final sorting of recyclables.

In the back of the pickup with my haul.

September 21. Gap Mountain. 96 pounds.

Journey's beginning.

Almost back to the same place at journey's end.

The place where 3 unsightly couches used to sit. Thank you Mount Carmel Township!!! SO GRATEFUL for a community that cares.

My little salamander friend. Hello.

What follows is a picture and pound summary of this summer's cleanings, as they had not yet been accounted for on the blog.

August 3. Corolla, NC. 5 pounds, 2 bottlecaps.

August 1. Corolla, NC. 15 pounds, 4 bottlecaps.

July 31. Corolla, NC (Streets). 10 pounds, 4 bottlecaps.

July 30. Corolla, NC. 1 pound, 5 bottlecaps.

July 29. Corolla, NC. 3 pounds, 10 bottlecaps.

Florence, SC. 2 pounds.

July 6. Bathtub Reef Beach with Brian. 4 pounds, 17 bottlecaps.

July 3. Kanner HIghway. 2 pounds.

July 1. Bathtub Reef Beach. 4 pounds, 8 bottlecaps.

June 29. Bathtub Reef Beach with Brian. 9 pounds, 25 bottlecaps.

June 27. Kanner Highway. 5 pounds.

June 23. Bathtub Reef Beach. 19 pounds, 11 bottlecaps.

June 18. Bathtub Reef Beach. 5 pounds, 8 bottlecaps.

June 17. Santa Lucea Beach. 4 pounds, 11 bottlecaps.

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