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Superior women

What quote am I vibing? "Viewed purely in the abstract, I think there can be no question that women should have equal rights with men. In the very large class of work which is purely mental, it is doubtful if women are inferior to men. Individually many women are superior to the general run of men." Theodore Roosevelt

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild This Week / All Time: 8 / 80

I am re-entering a time of calm and a freer schedule for conservation-based activities after a couple weeks of crazy! Grateful for this time to come, but also grateful for the time I've had. In addition to a great Showcase at StarStruck, I have managed to get some cleanups in, and a couple with some of the best ladies in the world!

I took my first trip to the Gulf coast this past Monday - Tuesday - a quick trip to see my sister, niece, brother-in-law at his awesome Dad's home in Port Charlotte. On a post-dinner walk around the neighborhood, I was ruing not bringing a bag along when a fully intact produce bag revealed itself to be made useful, and boy did Jennifer and I ever make use of it! We filled the bag and more just on a little mile walk around a well-kept neighborhood.

Today, Wendy and I went for dinner (well, gelato), and afterwards for a little beach walk and cleanup. It is so nice to have a friend who doesn't flinch when you say "I wouldn't mind picking up a small handful of microplastic by the water to make a point," but instead agrees enthusiastically to the task. We found way more than we expected on the seemingly clean Stuart Beach.

Looking forward to many more cleanups in the near future - keeping any bits of plastic out of the ocean that I can is my obsession. Maybe you'd like to join!

Sisters! Cleaning the Earth. April 16 - 1 pound

Bathtub Beach after a hiatus - very dirty. April 11 - 72 bottlecaps / 5 pounds

Greg highly encouraged me to get shoes to protect my feet on the beach. I am so glad he did. It gives me much more confident footing to explore the seaweed and rocks.

Always take time to enjoy the wildlife around you. And stretch while you're enjoying.

A very rainy Bathtub Beach cleanup. April 14 - 12 bottlecaps / 1 pound

Microplastics. They are everywhere. Plastic keeps breaking down into tinier and tinier pieces. It's in our fish. It's in our food. It's in our bodies. Eew.

My friend Jolyn posted a similar picture a few days ago. One of these is plastic and one is a Portuguese Man O War jellyfish. Not easy to tell the difference. :( Let's hope the birds and wildlife can.

Wendy showing off the day's spoils! April 18 - 15 bottlecaps / 1 pound

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