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The best will come back to you

What quote am I vibing? "Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." Edward W. Bok

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild since Last Post: 34

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild in 2020: 410

All-Time Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild: 934

A vacation week is always welcome. This was supposed to be the week that Brian and I went to Outer Banks for my annual trip with Katie's family, but due to the lively COVID-19 case numbers in Florida, it wasn't the right time to spend time with others. It was sad to make the choice, as the time I spend in Outer Banks annually is a time that I treasure - reconnecting with my "beach family" and unwinding completely. Luckily, we were able to plan a quiet trip to Central Florida.

During vacation, we didn't clean up much trash - there wasn't much to clean at Bok Tower in Lake Wales or Circle B Preserve in Lakeland. They were beautifully kept properties, full of natural wonder. It was nice to sit back and enjoy for a little while.

Bok Tower is the vision of the Dutch-American editor, Edward Bok - he wanted to create a bird sanctuary that was "a spot of beauty second to none in the country." I'd say he achieved his goal. This part of the state is fascinating. It is actually hilly - I didn't know how surprising that would be to the senses when in Florida!

The Tower itself is a Singing Tower - housing a 60-bell carillon, which is played daily. The songs we heard were melodic and cheery. A call to enjoy the beauty around us. The Gardens are also home to a very extensive endangered plant population, and there is a garden of these plants for observation - I loved seeing the care that is being taken to revive these precious plants in the wild. The current exhibit is of carnivorous plants - we couldn't leave the Plant Shop without a Fly Trap of our own!

Circle B Preserve is a wonderfully vibrant and alive nature preserve - it is a series of trails through different habitats, all beautiful, and all teeming with wildlife. Alligator Alley was closed due to alligator mating season (teehee) - I'm sure it is a fun hike when it is accessible!

It is difficult to hike mid-day in the summer in Florida. Honestly, I don't recommend it. A little dehydration followed each outing on this trip, but it was worth the sights!

The week didn't end there. "Hurricane Isaias" was a bust for us in Florida, but churned up the sea, and made for some good beach cleanups back home. And now, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Girl observes Tower. Reminiscent of my favorite painting "Christina's World" by Andrew Wyeth?

"The Giving Tree" a la Brian

Can you believe the rolling green hills? It looks like Pennsylvania!

The Singing Tower.

The Venus Fly Trap named E.B. after Edward Bok!

Circle B Preserve! It had gators... (do you see the little guy in the upper right corner of the water?)

...Marshlands with wading birds...

...and a lake with raptors! (Observe the mighty Osprey.)

I got fire ant bites that made my ankle swell up in a way I did not enjoy.

We went to see Stripes at the drive-in!! (What an awful movie....)

Lake Okeechobee on the way home.

August 2. Santa Lucea Beach parking lot. 15 pounds. With Brian.

August 3. Bathtub Reef Beach. 19 pounds. With Brian.

And for posterity, this Atlantic Black Sea Hare that we found ashore on August 3. We noodged him into the water, and hopefully he is swimming, wild and free!

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