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The nature-faker

What quote am I vibing? “The ‘nature-faker’ is of course an object of derision to every scientist worthy of the name, to every real lover of the wilderness, to every true hunter or nature lover.” Theodore Roosevelt ( Definition: One who knowingly promotes humanized and/or exaggerated ideas about animal behavior.) ((Also: What I do on a daily basis and especially on the zoo 😂😂)) <From: >

Road Day: 73

Because I've mostly been in National Parks and Forests, and State Parks, and nature in general, I haven't been to a zoo on this trip! But I love zoos. So I took advantage of this sit-down in Houston to visit the Houston Zoo. It is a GREAT one!!

I've opened my heart to birds recently, because of my friend Wendy in Florida who is a birder, who lent me her binoculars for the trip. :) I haven't done a good job of seeing birds in the wild, but the birds at this zoo were so cool! I usually zip through the section, but today I took the time to enjoy the beautiful colors of some - the weird voices of others - the crazy way some of them look! Sadly, I couldn't get good pictures of any because of the fences. But, I fully enjoyed the beautiful fuzzy heads of the Victoria Crowned Pigeon, the way the Double-wattled Cassowary made me feel like I was in Jurassic Park, the delightful chirping and chittering of the Bali Mynah.

As always, I made a point to see the otters. They were my Mom's favorite animal, and now they are mine. They just seem to enjoy life. Which is what we should all do. I'll let my pictures tell the rest of my stories - it's easier that way with zoos, no?

I also walked around the gorgeous Hermann Park to get some exercise in before the sky completely darkened. It's harder to get my adventures in here in Central Time after work. It was easier when I was three hours behind, and the days were longer. I'll keep doing my best.

Thanks for a great day at the zoo, Houston! Your dedication to the happiness of the animals is clear. I saw employees walking around after their shifts were over and stopping to enjoy the animals with me, just cause.

The sirens calling me back to Florida.

This is the cheeky look of a...whatever that is...I'm not solid on my primates...that just unscrewed a washer from his playset, and put said washer in his mouth.

A sentry meerkat on top of the rock...always vigilant...always watching. I'd like to hire one for home security.

Black Bear!! I wanted to encounter you in the forest, silly thing!

Dude. I know. We're all voting.

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of how much this raccoon has given up on life.

Because I overextended my souvenir budget in Tombstone and for baseball stuff, I am now photographing things I WOULD buy. (Just kidding, I would have gone even deeper over budget if they had this in size small.)

The Pioneer Monument

Houston's namesake.

Just dancing and enjoying some food...I try to do that as often as I can.

My heart animals

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