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The people themselves

What quote am I vibing? "The greatest literature, the greatest art, must spring from the souls of the people themselves." Theodore Roosevelt

Road Day: 75

I spent my whole day in Houston's big beautiful park - Buffalo Bayou. Seriously, Houston and these parks - I'm all agog! If I was forced to live in a city, I would pick Houston. (I know Stuart is technically a city, but you know what I mean - a REAL city.)

I started my time there at the Kitchen at Dunlavy, which is part of the park - honestly, I said that last night's queso was the best ever. The burger I had today was the. best. ever. Hands down. So juicy. So flavorful. Yet so simple. I cannot explain how much I loved it. I try not to talk about food too often, but Houston has been really so good for me, food-wise. After lunch, I worked by a little pond in the park by the restaurant.

After work, I moved to the other end of the park to take a tour of The Cistern - Houston's original...water system? I thought I would learn more, but the tour was actually a super duper cool light art installation. It was spooky and a little transcendental. I loved it!

I then took a hot, sweaty walk around the park utilizing the "Kinder Footpath" whenever I could to avoid the runners and bikes. (Bicyclists somehow manage to be so nervewracking to both drivers AND pedestrians. Like a dog off a leash.)

Houston is cool. Houston likes trees and art and kind messages and good food. I like Houston. It took me a minute, but now that I've been here 6 days, I see that there is a lot more that I'd love to do. (And a lot more places to look for Jose)

Buffalo Bayou Park knows my mantra.

The Kitchen at the Dunlavy. Look at those chandeliers! Look at that burger.

A little cool-off with some shave ice before I check out the Cistern.

Projected light on columns and blocks. They provided white lab coats for people to be able to maximize the immersive light experience...

But I was luckily already wearing a white shirt.

Next time I take a cool shadow pic, can someone remind me to remove my purse from my hip???


Sunlight through trees! Even by the Freeway.

The Houston Police Officers Memorial in Buffalo Bayou.

Love these ancient looking water systems. And the weird ducks.

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