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The return to innocence

What quote am I vibing? "Don't be afraid to be weak. Don't be too proud to be strong. Just look into your heart my friend - That will be the return to yourself. The return to innocence." Enigma

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild Since Last Blog Post/In 2020: 107

All-Time Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild: 631

I have been meaning to make my blog a more regular thing - it acts as a diary for my trash pickup, and the longer I wait to do it, the more annoying it is to account for everything and upload the photos.

This seems like the perfect time to recenter and reconnect with the process. Much of the country is claiming to be bored while we are hunkered down to prevent the spread of coronavirus. I have not been because I am very lucky and have been working remotely for years - I continue to work, and I also just recently completed a big project for another job, so I have been too busy to get bored. (And for the record, I have never been bored in my life - it was forbidden when I was a child, and I have carried that into my adulthood.)

I imagine my trash pickups will slow down - I did a little neighborhood cleanup today, and I was extra careful, with gloves and a holster of hand sanitizer. I also think there will be a little less trash around the neighborhood just because there are fewer people out and about. I think this and a reconnection to what makes us tick when we don't have a million distractions are some positive takeaways from this strange semi-quarantine we are experiencing.

Some other things of note that happened in the beginning of 2020 that are sort of conservation/Teddy related - in early February, we attended an event at Naples Zoo hosted by FPL SolarNow. It was a really fun night, and I have since subscribed to FPL's Solar Together program, which allows me to "buy into" solar even though I don't own my home. We also went to Kennedy Space Center and I was completely taken aback by the accomplishments of the space program - our brains are AMAZING. We can solve this problem of waste and climate change. We can protect our family and neighbors from COVID-19. We just need to put our amazing minds to it.

January 12. Delaware Canal State Park, PA. 5 pounds.

January 29. Kanner Highway. 4 pounds.

Brian! February 1. Delray Beach. 12 pounds.

February 4. Kanner Highway. 6 pounds.

February 11. Kanner Highway. 3 pounds.

February 12. Santa Lucea Beach. 8 pounds.

February 26. Kanner Highway. 8 pounds.

March 2. Seabranch Preserve. 10 pounds.

March 3. Dog Park. 10 pounds.

March 5. Kanner Highway. 8 pounds.

March 7. Stuart Beach. 5 pounds.

March 9. Kanner Highway. 6 pounds.

March 11. Stuart Beach. 4 pounds.

Brian! March 13. Hypoluxo Scrub. 7 pounds.

Wendy! March 17. Veterans Memorial Bridge. 9 pounds.

March 23. Kanner Highway. 2 pounds.

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