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The trees greet the dying year

What quote am I vibing? "We love all the seasons: the snows and bare woods of winter; the rush of growing things and the blossom-spray of spring; ...the yellow grain, the ripening fruits and tasselled corn, and the deep leafy shades that are heralded by 'the green dance of summer'..... and the sharp fall winds that tear the brilliant banners with which the trees greet the dying year." Theodore Roosevelt, about Sagamore Hill

I am wrapping up a road trip holiday week - I spent some time in the bitter cold in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Long Island. Family and friends always take some of the bite away from the cold.

One advantage to having Thanksgiving dinner on Long Island (besides the wonderful company, antipasto, and yummy meal, of course) --- is Black Friday at Sagamore Hill! My Dad and I made the trek to Oyster Bay to pay homage to TR. It was awesome to have my Dad with me and watch him fall for our 26th President - a man with whom he has quite a lot in common!

Unfortunately, guests are not allowed to take photos inside Sagamore Hill. So that means we all pay more attention, and you should just go yourself to see the super cool elephant tusks and antique furniture and stuffed badgers.

After hitting the museum, and learning a lot more about Theodore Junior's military history from the ranger there, Dad and I made a pilgrimage to Theodore and Edith's grave. We had the place to ourselves, and it was staggering to be there, where he is.

I was here in February of this year and it was freezing. It was freezing again. One day I'll come when it isn't freezing. I'm looking forward to that! Part of the reason I decided to go on my big road trip, and make it Teddy themed, was that initial visit to Sagamore Hill. I was so inspired, and I wanted to see more places that were special to the man that I hold so dear. None, of course, are as special in his heart as his home - Sagamore Hill.

Special shout out to my sister, Jennifer, who I FINALLY saw after way too long an absence (along with my brother and their families, and YAY!) -- she definitely has the prize for most blog shares, and I didn't even get a picture with the cutie to commemorate our visit.

On the porch at Sagamore. Always nice to have a photographer. (Dad - a pro!)

Rocking on the Sagamore Hill porch.

Sagamore Hill in most of its glory.

Me struggling for an appropriate grave face. There probably is not one.

Obviously I took this photo. Notice the sun.

Quick shoutout to Red Bone Alley pecan cheesecake. When in SC - get the pecans!

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