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The world as it should be

What quote am I vibing? "Do we settle for the world as it is, or do we work for the world as it should be?" Michelle Obama

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild since Last Post: 37

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild in 2020: 282

All-Time Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild: 806

It is always nice to be reminded of why you are passionate, and a trip to Loggerhead MarineLife Center in Juno Beach will always do the trick - seeing the beautiful sea turtles there rehabilitating from accidents makes me want to do more to keep them safe and healthy. We were very intrigued to see a turtle in the surgery center there getting some debridement and therapy on his shell.

I truly believe we shoul do everything we can do to keep our dangerous trash out of the mouths of turtles, birds, and all other innocent animals. That starts with reducing the amount of single use junk we buy and immediately toss. Let's give the animals a chance to live, breathe, and exist how they were meant to!

It is SO HOT in southern Florida in July. Giving ourselves breaks and time to recover allows us to have the spirit to fight another day!

Glamour shot of me with a handful of glass at Seabranch Preserve State Park.

Brian using the claw to pick up glass at Seabranch Preserve State Park.

July 3. Seabranch Preserve State Park. 12 pounds.

July 7. Santa Lucea Beach. 7 pounds.

July 8. Kanner Highway. 5 pounds.

July 11. Delray Oaks Natural Area. 4 pounds.

July 12. Barwick Park, Delray Beach. 9 pounds.

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