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When you take action

What quote am I vibing? "It's when you take action that you leave this feeling of fear and hopelessness."Jane Goodall

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild since Last Post: 39

Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild in 2020: 734

All-Time Pounds of Trash Removed from the Wild: 1258

This was an exciting week in my trashy world! On Thursday afternoon, I received a call from Tiffany with Keep Martin Beautiful saying that WPTV was doing a story on the International Coastal Cleanup, and wanted a cleanup volunteer to interview. Did I want to do it? HECK YES I DID!! (Link below)

What an awesome opportunity to share my passion - Tiffany and I had a great time cleaning up a TON of trash under the boardwalk at Jensen Beach, and Derek Lowe of WPTV seemed to ask all the right questions to put together an engaging story. My thoughts on trash cleanup being a teeny tiny part of the larger problem of climate change didn't make the edit, but - you get more flies with honey, so they say. Is that the saying? It honestly never made sense to me.

I am feeling a lot of ripples lately from my cleanups - people sharing my posts, people doing cleanups of their own. It makes me feel like the work I do IS ENOUGH. It isn't enough forever, but it is enough for me, for now, and it will grow naturally, and exponentially.

Share your passion. Love the Earth. Take action. Leave behind hopelessness and fear. This is the way forward, my Earthly friends.

September 23. Kanner Highway. 5 pounds.

September 24. Jensen Beach. 6 pounds. (Also include a bag of trash from under the boardwalk.)

September 26. Bathtub Reef Beach. 6 pounds.

A better visual of the September 26 trash.

September 28. Bathtub Reef Beach. 17 pounds.

September 29. Bathtub Reef Beach. 5 pounds.

Videos from cleaning the sargassum on Bathtub Reef Beach - Saturday, September 26 and Tuesday, September 29. Showing how the sargassum changes as it dries, and different trash is revealed.

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