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Wise in time

What quote am I vibing? “Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time.” Theodore Roosevelt

Road Day: 35

Trails Hiked: Lake of the Sky Trail and Tallac Historic Site (Lake Tahoe Basin Management). 1.9 miles. Elevation change: 32 feet. Surface: Sandy

The last day of the month is a huge deal in my job, so today I was focused on work.

I started the day off with a healthy breakfast at IHOP - an omelette and soda for $21. Noshed on Chex Mix and a protein shake while I worked. Once we got the all clear, I headed to Lake Tahoe for a walk. I chose this "hike" today because I've been working hard, and I wanted to give myself time to relax, enjoy the hot tub tonight, and sleep. Tomorrow I head to my month-long destination!!

When I think of Lake Tahoe, I think of a really chill getaway - a little nature hideaway from humanity. Not so. This is where humanity flocks to. Which is super duper not my vibe right now. To add to the day, I somehow deleted a beautiful picture I took of the lake when I was supposed to be purging terrible selfies. So the only photos I have to offer you are these passable selfies.

When I told Greg I was about a mile from my favorite casino brand, Harrah's - he graciously slipped some money into my account for me to have a small journey into my mini-vice, gambling. I went right there from the lake. Paid $17 to park. Ate an $11 burger. Gambled away the $20 I had in my wallet. Cut my losses when I was presented with the $5.99 ATM fee - CANCEL.

Now I'm back in truly what I believe to be the best little haven in Lake Tahoe - Postmarc Hotel and Spa. My room is spacious and pretty. The only thing left to do today is rest.

I leave you with these pieces of advice...

1. Don't come to Lake Tahoe on a budget.

2. Before booking a location on a road trip, do lots of research - everything isn't always as you think it is.

3. If you do come to Lake Tahoe, stay at the Postmarc.

4. You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. (Not original)

Facing away from Lake Tahoe.

Facing Lake Tahoe.

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