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A President who enjoyed himself

What quote am I vibing? "I don't think any President ever enjoyed himself more than I did. Moreover, I don't think any ex-President ever enjoyed himself more." (Theodore Roosevelt)

What am I worried about? Florida sinking into the ocean

What am I reading? Heir to the Empire City: New York and the Making of Theodore Roosevelt by Edward P. Kohn

How long til I'm on the road? 2 months

It's a time for telling stories in Florida - Subtropical Storm Alberto is drenching us constantly, reminding us that hurricane season starts earlier than we think it does. I thought I'd share with you the origin story of my obsession with the 26th President of the US. It is the simplest and silliest story ever told. (But, Disney!)

Two or so years ago, I had a ticket to a Disney park left on my 3-day pass after going to Animal Kingdom and Epcot with bestie Katie who was down for a visit. I decided to make my first trip to Magic Kingdom by myself so as not to waste the ticket. (I have always enjoyed solo travel!)

I saw the sights, and met the characters, and rode the rides, and dreamed the dreams! I've included some pictures, because pictures are always fun.

A patriot to my bone, I definitely wasn't going to miss The Hall of Presidents -- seeing all our animatronic former leaders grace the stage was so emotional for me. But I realized - I had no favorite President! I decided I definitely needed one, and the robot man that I connected most to on that day was Theodore Roosevelt - I felt like my initial instinct was a great place to start. I immediately ordered my first TR biography - David McCullough's Mornings on Horseback. It was love. The most intoxicating kind, born of admiration and respect - delight and awe - recognition of an energy that could change the world - and did!

So, that's it - I went to the Hall of Presidents, and now I'm obsessed with TR. The end.

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