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Here you are

What quote am I vibing? "If you lose control, and burn a bridge too far - no matter where you go, here you are." The Go-Gos

What am I reading? The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough

Road Day: 13

What am I listening to? The Go-Gos

I have had tickets to Head Over Heels for months, knowing that it was going to make me smile, smile, smile! What's not to love about a new (basically) Shakespeare (language and all) comedy set to the music of The Go-Gos??

And who better to go with than Joe, who solidified my frequent access to Broadway by tempting me to move to Weehawken all those years ago!

As coincidence would have it, four years ago today, we saw Jersey Boys on Broadway, a few days before I moved to Florida. Continuing our long-standing tradition from then, we stopped at The Counter for a bite before the show, and hung around at the stage door for signatures and schmoozing.

Got pictures with a couple of my favorites - Princess Pamela and the King. Then went to the stage door of The Boys in the Band and gawked at Zachary Quinto and Matt Bomer with unabashed admiration.

Head Over Heels is in danger of closing - go see it if you can! I promise you won't regret it.

Marquis pre-show excitement!

Ferry into Manhattan. Photo by fancy photographer Joe.

Pamela - the beauty of all Arcadia! Love!

The King, who we affectionately call "Ron Swanson."

If I want to post a blurry picture of Zachary Quinto on my blog, I have the right to do that.

Signed Playbill and merch.

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