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What quote am I vibing? "Summer was a book of hope." Benjamin Saenz

What am I listening to? Audiobook: A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson

How many miles did I travel today? 515

Road Day: 2

I have spent all but one summer for the past 14 years with the Frey Family in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. For this week, I am a Frey. They know how to navigate my quirks. I know how to push their buttons. They let me be me. We all flow at our own pace, and come together when it makes sense. It is truly always a lovely, calm, and hilarious week for me to refresh my brain. It doesn't feel like summer without this OBX trip!!

Because of some time off I have to take to drive for the road trip, I will only take two days off this week, but that's okay. It will be nice to work across the street from the ocean. When I first joined the family when Katie and I graduated college, it was sometimes a week with just me, Katie, and her mom - now Katie and her brother have children, so it's a house bustling with 4 kiddos and many adults trying to keep up. Luckily, they know and accept that sometimes I just need to escape to my little basement room. 😉

As part of my TR-themed trip, I planned to stop at Jockey's Ridge to take in the beauty of the sand dunes where the Wright Brothers made their first flight.

Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to fly in a plane.** It wasn't piloted by a Wright, but it was a Wright Brothers plane, and he took to the sky in 1910. I (honestly) believe his response was a very hearty "Bully!"

As it turns out, there's a whole other park dedicated to the Wright Brothers and the first flight location, just up the road from Jockey's Ridge. Somehow, I totally missed this in my research, and by the time I was passing the Wright Brothers Memorial site, it was quite thunderstorm-y and scary. It's part of the same sand dune series, and I bet the photo opportunities were more interesting at Jockey's Ridge.

**He was an ex-President at the time, but it still counts. You may fight me if you believe otherwise.

Some photos of my morning wrapping up sightseeing in Savannah, my afternoon drop-in at Jockey's Ridge, and some trip research in the OBX house.

You can always count on the kindness of strangers to have your photo taken.

Some surprisingly useful information comes from children's books!

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