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A mollycoddle game

What quote am I vibing? "Father and all us regarded baseball as a mollycoddle game. Tennis, football, lacrosse, boxing, polo, yes - they are violent, which appealed to us. But baseball? Father wouldn't watch it, not even at Harvard." - Alice Roosevelt 😜

What am I reading? The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough

Road Day: 19 & 20

So TR and I don't agree on EVERYTHING. Cause I sure love baseball! (He WAS the first President to receive the Presidental lifetime field pass. Which I guess didn't get a lot of use.)

The Phillies were my first baseball love, and Mike Schmidt my first baseball crush. Whenever I'm in the area and have the chance, I like to see them play. And when I see them play, I LOVE to see them win!

When I fell back in love with baseball in October 2015, Pat (my baseball expert) answered every stupid or nuanced question I had about the rules, history, and etiquette of baseball. If I speak intelligently about baseball, it's his doing.

So I was very happy to hit another game with Pat, have a cheesesteak, and see some awesome plays against the Red Sox.

I missed blogging yesterday!! Which I really never wanted to do, but I left my computer at my Dad's house, and there was no other way to make it happen last night. I did, however, have a lovely sleep-mate - Miss Cape Hatteras of the Chobert Family - "Hattie."

Also of note - I went into an office two days in a row!! Joyce invited me to work from her office on Wednesday, and it was such a nice and welcoming team. And today, I worked from my corporate office - my first time meeting people that I've spoken to so often over the years! It was such a great day of learning and connecting. Obviously I am happy to work from home and try and take full advantage of the opportunities that it affords me, but it's also nice to feel part of a community. I will make an effort to visit the office more often in the future!

Mike Schmidt on the Wall of Fame

Pat & I have another game under our belts


View. Don't worry about it.

Hattie (snuggles til she doesn't)

Office Rachael & JOYCE!

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