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A quiet day

What quote am I vibing? "Unless a man is master of his soul, all other kinds of mastery amount to little." Theodore Roosevelt

What am I reading? The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough

Road Day: 18

Today was my first day in my new role working "late shift" so I didn't start work til 11 am. I thought of doing a little morning adventure, but after a reasonable warning from my father that I'm going to burn out at some point, I decided to read in bed, and take myself for breakfast at Palmer's - a favorite diner of mine here in the area.

I had a quiet day working and enjoying family, nothing of note except smiles and laughter, but I have a semi-relevant story in my back pocket for just such a day.

Meet Danny Goosen, pictured below. During Hurricane Sandy, the thing causing us most anxiety in the Wallington, NJ area was an inability to get gas for our cars. I was invited to a birthday party in Philadelphia and thought I would take the opportunity to bring gas back from Pennsylvania to my NJ family. I had a few gas cans, but I intended to buy more there.

When I got to Target in Conshohocken, PA - gas cans were completely sold out. Tearful, I asked the cashier if he knew when they might be getting more in. A woman behind me heard me and confirmed - "You need gas cans?" "I do." "Well, my husband passed away recently, and for some reason he has a ton of gas cans in our garage. He would be happy for me to give them to you."

I mean. Can. You. Imagine?

We exchanged contact information and I met her at her garage. Indeed she had an odd amount of gas cans. They didn't all have lids, so it was a kind of stinky and potentially dangerous ride back, but I was the hero of the hour - a Pontiac full of gasoline.

Before we parted, she took this memory card out of her truck and gave it to me. She said Danny would be my guardian angel and watch over me. I have never traveled without it since that day. I never knew Danny, but gosh if his memory doesn't live bright in my heart. (And isn't he so handsome like Liam Neeson?)

In Loving Memory of Danny Goosen

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