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Blossom as the rose

What quote am I vibing? “You took a state which at the outset was called after the desert, and you literally — not figuratively — you literally made the wilderness blossom as the rose." Theodore Roosevelt (about Utah)

Road Day: 32

Audiobooks Finished: 4 (All We Ever Wanted by Emily Griffin)

Today was a travel day - they are not always the most productive days for my blog, but here's what happened. I drove 475 miles or so from Loveland, CO to Midvale, UT. There was a probably very charming route through Colorado that would have taken two hours longer, but I chose the quickest route. Through Wyoming. Wyoming has some beautiful vistas...but, if you travel too far in Wyoming, you'll find that everything around you is very dry. And orangeish. And sparse - treeless. I did manage to find what I believe to be the wettest place in Wyoming, in Green River. I also stopped at Jug & Loaf which is just Turkey Hill rebranded and got my favorite iced tea.

The most fascinating thing about Wyoming is how the cloud shadows move so obviously over the land. I've really never noticed that before. But, I think because the land is so vast and unshadowed by trees, it is just a more dramatic effect. When I drove into Utah, I immediately felt like there was more oxygen. It was green! There were trees! I could breathe air that trees spit out.

I landed at my air bnb - another amazing space with a view of the mountains from the front porch as you see below. The mountains are take-your-breath-away kind of mountains. So much beauty. I also got some tips from my excellent host and his friends about some TR and hiking opportunities. I'm ready to sally forth with my one full day here tomorrow! Work from Salt Lake City and then hike!

So much water for Wyoming. And so clear for being right next to a huge train station.


I now understand - "purple mountains' majesty."

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