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What quote am I vibing? "Show me how big your brave is." (Sara Bareilles)

What am I worried about? Giving up.

What am I excited about? Gaining perspective.

What am I reading? The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho

How long til I'm on the road? 42 days

I have heard the word "brave" many times when I've told people about my trip plans. It always makes me pause. When I started planning my trip, nothing about if felt particularly brave. It felt like I was making plans to see things I want to see and do things I want to do. It feels a little self-indulgent. A little fanciful. (Not that I'm apologizing)

But, the more people mentioned it, the more I started wondering - will this be hard? Will there be times that I'm scared? Times that I'm unsure if I made the right decision to be on the road for so long? The truth is - there certainly will be. Perhaps I'll get lonely, and perhaps that loneliness will lead to overthinking, as it so often does! But, diving into the spiritual journey of hard emotions is exciting to me. Maybe that is brave.

I assume that Facebook claws inside all people's brains and advertises things that you didn't know you wanted? They've been promoting these Enso rings to me for a long time. They're for active people - a simple silicone ring. But the marketing is wonderful, and I eventually gave in to the appeal of the Unicorn style. Oddly, as soon as I opened the package and put the ring on - I felt inspired. So, I will let this impulse purchase serve as an ever-present reminder for me to be brave - we all need a little help sometimes!

Enso ring - a reminder to be brave

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