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The Booklover

What quote am I vibing? "The reader, the booklover, must meet his own needs without paying too much attention to what his neighbors say those needs should be." Theodore Roosevelt

What am I listening to? Justin Timberlake's Man of the Woods album

What am I reading? The Paperless Medical Office, by Virginia Ferrari (work project that I'm trying to finish but absolutely will not finish before I leave)

How long til I'm on the road? 127 hours. Oddly. Because THAT is a movie I don't want to find myself doing a remake of on my journey...

When you're going on a road trip on a budget, a large chunk of that budget should be devoted to books. With these babies, and my National Parks pass, what more do I need? (Food, gas, sunscreen...I get it.)

In addition to the quote in the header, Teddy also says of reading: A book must be interesting to the particular reader at that particular time. My book desires have shifted so radically since I fell for TR. I began wanting to read all I can about him, then about American history around that time - the possibilities seem endless. I try to let my heart be my guide, and I am absolutely guilty of judging a book by its cover. I do think I'll end up picking up some"chick lit" selections in my travels just to give my brain a chance to breathe in a space with which I am very familiar. But to finish all these wonderful books before I return to FL is my lofty goal.

Forgive me for my absence - things are getting a little hectic here as I try to squeeze in my work, my project work, and seeing my loved ones before I set out on Saturday morning. Once I'm on the road, I should be blogging every day, because I plan to do something interesting every day!

We're going to need a bigger box.

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