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Certainly no more

What quote am I vibing? “I have never drunk a high-ball or cocktail in my life. I have sometimes drunk mint juleps in the White House. There was a bed of mint there, and I may have drunk half a dozen mint juleps a year, and certainly no more.” Theodore Roosevelt (Me and TR - teetotalers, both of us.)

Road Day: 76

My last night in Houston, possibly my second to last night on the road, if you can imagine a life without knowing my daily business... And a tale of too many glasses on one tiny table, in front of one tiny girl, who was presiding over an entire beer garden.

Because I worked late-shift today, I chose a "late-night" activity, which I don't usually do. Houston has a ton of colorful and cool breweries, and I kept passing Saint Arnold's in my travels. I decided to have Uber drive me in case I drank, but the brewery only had beer (what a surprise!) - which I hate. I drank my first actual beer in the spirit of the evening (I have had cider before - I can barely stand that.) I didn't really. I drank half a beer then had them take it away, and the waitress brought me two other samples to try which I sipped and left behind. How people enjoy beer, I'll never know. But, I do love the brewery vibe! And there's always good food.

I had steak frites which was awesome. I was there for quite a while because the beer garden was HOPPING and service took a minute. But, I was happy to sit and people watch. The place was packed with GORGEOUS people. And people with Astros attire. My people. Attractive Astros fans. I was in the right place.

I'm usually more than happy to be by myself, but tonight when the bro convention took away all the lawn chairs that were next to me, leaving me in my own chair all by myself, on a little island of undrunk beer - I thought it might be nice to have a pal! Probably my brain getting ready to return to friendship and fellowship back in Stuart. Very soon.

Beer garden lights @ Saint Arnold's.

Cheers to my first beer. I guess not technically. Since I didn't get much farther than that.

There used to be chairs beside me...

I don't want any of this.

One ICED TEA to rule them all!

Great place with games outside and interesting spaces to exist.

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