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What quote am I vibing? "Let us once lose our oaths to find ourselves, or else we lose ourselves to keep our oaths." William Shakespeare, from Love's Labours Lost

Road Day: 55 & 56

Yesterday I went back up to Ashland, OR to see another show at Oregon Shakespeare Festival - this time Love's Labours Lost in the Allen Elizabethan Theatre - the main outdoor stage. From practically the opening of the show, I was enamored. At Intermission and after the show, I was certain that it's the best thing I have ever seen - I still haven't quite shaken that opinion.

The presentation was unbelievable - raucously silly - Navarre and his boys made me giggle endlessly. The use of white costumes and paint was clever and irreverent. There was a live band onstage and cast members frequently joined in to play or sing original punky rock numbers that flowed seamlessly with the show. (The saddest news is that there is no recording or way to listen at all - I tried desperately to remember the lyrics and tunes to no avail.)

The outdoor theatre experience was wonderful. I was pleasantly cold, but covered up - I rented a pillow to sit on, which was a good choice. When the lights all faded before curtain call, you instinctively looked up to the night sky, and the stars over Oregon. Beautiful.

I would see that show one thousand times, and the saddest part of my life is that you didn't get to see it. If you did, let's talk more about it.

I got home super late, so I'm sleepy today, and planning a full day tomorrow - I just worked and then went to the Gateway Peace Garden again for an hour or so to read and celebrate International Day of Peace. Then to Burger Barn in Dunsmuir for an absolutely delicious burger and cone - good thing I eat on such an early schedule, because they're closing at 6:30 for a high school football game -- tell me that's not the cutest thing you've heard all day.

Ashland is such a beautiful town with this little creek and park running by restaurants.

Tea counter at Dobra ("good" in Polish - not sure what it means in this case - but the tea was definitely good!)


International Day of Peace 2018. May Peace Prevail on Earth...

...and may the Dunsmuir High School Tigers win their football game this evening.

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