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Freedom from effort

What quote am I vibing? "Freedom from effort in the present merely means there has been effort stored up in the past." Theodore Roosevelt

Road Day: 45

Today is just a check-in, and a chores/mental health day for me!

I had my first day at the Mount Shasta Laundromat, and was amused hearing tales of the Pacific Crest Trail hikers who come through town. Shasta is a "Pacific Crest Trail City" so hikers often get packages shipped there, and stay a minute, do things like laundry, and eat real food. It seems the locals have some good stories.

Washed my poor car which has been doing a lot of time on dirt roads.

Bought groceries to fill up my fridge which gives me such peace of mind.

After I settled in at home and finished my workday (I forgot to take my work computer to the laundromat ???), I walked down to the (creek or stream) that flows by our property. The water was rushing in a way I didn't expect given the dry conditions of the area. It was a perfect place to sit and meditate, and Calm's Daily Calm meditation was perfect - about tending to the soil rather than focusing on what will grow. Today was a day for me to tend to the soil that is me, so that I can continue to create beautiful fruits in my travels.

Peace, y'all. California is settling in to me, despite my uppity eastern ways.

Supa chill me.

Supa chill creek.

Standard Laundromat. They vary little throughout the country.

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