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How about love

What quote am I vibing? "Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes / Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear / Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes / How do you measure, measure a year? / In daylights, in sunsets / In midnights, in cups of coffee / In inches, in miles / In laughter, in strife / In five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes / How do you measure a year in the life / How about love?" from Rent, by Jonathan Larson

What am I reading? The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough

Road Day: 16

Today was the 32nd Annual Miller Family Reunion. I haven't missed one since they began when I was four, in a pavilion in Helfenstein on the street where I grew up. That pavilion is long gone, and we have been at Valley View Park since as long as I can *actually* remember - I've gone from playing on the slide and swings to volleyball to intense chats, but the reunion always exists as a marker in my life. A year has passed - it's family reunion time again - what have you done?

My grandmother, "Gram Miller" was the heart and soul of the reunion - a true matriarch, and the kindest most wonderful woman that ever walked the Earth. Since she passed a couple years ago, the family includes some of her items in a craft raffle that we do every year. This year, I put most of my tickets in for this teapot of hers that was well used. And I won! Yay! (You may not know this yet, but I am obsessed with tea, and have a box along with me full with a kettle, accoutrements, and tins of loose leaf that I'm sure will be featured on the blog at some point.) I've included a photo of the two of us at the reunion from years ago.

The day was beautiful and we wrapped up just before some rain arrived. Came home and napped and now trying to finally finish this project that I've been talking about!

My raffle win - Gram Miller's teapot!

Me and Dad enjoying reunion food - always a highlight!


Food and family

Me and Gram Miller on the swings at the reunion. Really not sure of the year because I've had that hair often.

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