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I will go to Texas

What quote am I vibing? “You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas." Davy Crockett

Road Day: 69

I really have come around to San Antonio. Except the insane heat and humidity, which dehydrated my already dehydrated body. The Riverwalk is super beautiful and full of great restaurants. I think this is a great place to spend a week, even.

After checking out of the Menger, my valet guy, Juan, made spending the valet money totally worth it by giving me two great tips - get Burger Boy, and take it to The Pearl to work. The Pearl is a shopping center with a park and lot of little places to sit and snack and live and be happy in the outdoors. I had a great work afternoon.

I went to the Alamo after wrapping up. I would have loved to check out Mission San Jose, also recommended by Juan, but I think my morning will take me on a different path.

The inside of the Church is, by rule, unphotographable. It is sparse and holding on to its history, and in need of some expensive repair, it seems. It's free to enter, which was a real treat for me. Hopefully, it gets the donations it needs to continue its role as a shrine to Americanism. The grounds of the Alamo, and San Antonio in general, are much more lush than I expected - flowing water everywhere and beautiful green flora. I don't know why I thought all of Texas was the same when it is so darn huge.

I walked around the Riverwalk trying to be tempted into dinner, but it was just too hot and I was too sweaty and sleepy, so I decided to head to the hotel early, watch baseball and get ready for a weekend of THRILLS. Hope you're prepared!

The exterior of the Alamo Gift Shop...which wasn't part of the original Alamo complex. My bad.

TR riding toward the Alamo

Burgers are always a happy choice.

Irrigation ditch in Alamo gardens.

So many cute bridges along the Riverwalk.

And cool water features.

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