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In a new world

What quote am I vibing? "And oh, you're suddenly a stranger. There's no explaining where you stand. And you didn't know that you sometimes have to go round an unexpected bend - and the road will end - in a new world." From Songs for a New World, lyrics by Jason Robert Brown

Road Day: 48

Crystals Purchased: 3

This week has been fairly stationary, and I was planning to do a 6-7 mile hike today, until I walked out the door after work and was hit by a wall of smoke. The Delta Fire kicked up today. The trailhead I was to take is close to town, and as I started to drive, I could see that the smoke was covering everywhere I could see, and it would not be a healthy day for a vigorous hike. So, it was time for me to attack my "rainy day" list, known here in Mount Shasta as a "smoky day" list.

Very close to my cottage is Mount Shasta Museum. It is similar to Stuart Museum, if you've been - town history and relics from the past. I was most intrigued by the history of fires in the area, which is extensive. There have always been natural fires, Native Americans used fire in practical ways to prevent wildfire and for hunting, and early pioneers sometimes set fires just to watch the magnificent sight of flames. (Oy.) The progression has been interesting, and of course my Theodore Roosevelt was involved. He almost always is, when it comes to conservation. Or being awesome.

The other exhibit that was interesting to me was about the sacred beings that are thought to be associated with Mount Shasta, and the many people that have been drawn here over the years for different purposes. By all definitions, I myself am a "spiritual pilgrim" to Mount Shasta - at least half of the visitors here are. I was drawn to the mountain, without knowing why, but I knew I had to come. Andree Morgana said "Mt. Shasta is known worldwide as a destination for spirituality...there is something special about this location, something special about this mountain. Everybody feels it, no matter what their point of reference is." I couldn't agree more.

Also next to the Museum is the Mount Shasta Fish Hatchery, which is the largest such thing west of the Mississippi. Fish not being my thing, I have little more to report.

After the Museum, the smoke still heavy in the air, I decided to poke around downtown - my first stop was a tea room that's been on my radar - Silk Road Chai Shop. I had a chocolate chip cookie and hot Tulsi chai with coconut milk and sat in the peace there for a little while. Walked a little downtown - poked into a vintage clothing store and book/natural foods store.

And then I decided to really dive into Mount Shasta Culture, and I went into Crystal Keepers, one of the several crystal shops in town. If you've never shopped with me, you may not know that I am remarkably awkward when shopping - hellbent on engaging shopkeepers in conversation. Don't ask me why. I don't even like it. Both the handsome crystal man and I were embarrassed when I asked "What crystal would you recommend for just a...normal gal?" But he did help me. I had already chosen the Selenite Wand from Morocco that was hand-imbued with the essence of Mount Shasta in a natural spring, and he thought that was a good choice. He also recommended that I choose a quartz that spoke to me - I chose an amethyst sphere because I like purple, and a sphere seemed like a good counter to the dangerous spike I already had in my hand. And just for good measure, I grabbed a little Shiva Lingam to promote vitality and good health as I passed by.

I came home, did yoga, naturally, and now I am talking to you. And soon I will be heating up some pork and sauerkraut that I cooked in the crock pot overnight, and settling for bed. I'll hike another day.

Obviously you can't get a selfie of actual yoga. So, I'm just preparing for yoga.

Amethyst sphere, Shiva Lingam nut, Mount Shasta infused Selenite Wand spike

TR - forest hero.

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