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In El Paso

What quote am I vibing? "In El Paso, the people are homicidal but Orthodox." Theodore Roosevelt (of course there was some context to this, but do we really need it? Not for my purposes.)

Road Day: 67

I spent today working in Tombstone. I had the best lunch break at Big Nose Kate's Saloon. Truly the best service (shoutout to Allen who indulged me with a chat about TR and Linda who is so darn cute with her photo opps!) and food that I experienced in Tombstone - a must must if you go!

I was super sad to leave Tombstone with some unchecked items on my list, but I will definitely return, and I did make the time for one final stop in Tombstone - the Boothill Graveyard. The fellas killed in the gunfight at OK Corral are buried there and about 250 other bodies - very few of them from natural causes! It's surprising to see the number of Unknown graves and violent deaths that happened during the short 6-year period that the cemetery was used.

With a final goodbye to Tombstone, it was time for me to drive to El Paso. Straight through New Mexico where I only stopped to fill my tank, sadly. I can't believe I didn't spend ANY time in New Mexico!? Now is the time of my journey where I have to tell myself over and over again that I can't see everything and I have to make choices. I also didn't see Arkansas. That's okay. (I'm sure Arkansas has some lovely natural wonders that I would be happy to behold.)

After sticking to a more rural environment for so long, driving into El Paso was a shock to my system. This city is HUGE. Like Texas-sized huge. As I was checking in to my motel, I noticed a man watching the AL Wild Card game with great intensity, and then soon after discovered he had a British accent - when I questioned him about this anomaly, he confirmed - he was a British man who has a deep heart for baseball. In fact makes two trips to the US yearly just to watch the great American pasttime. Worth noting because I didn't know that that could even be a thing.

Now I will spend my 10 hours here in El Paso before a long driving day tomorrow. Off work for the day to drive and reboot. Texas, I have arrived.

Working on the porch at my lodging house in Tombstone.

Big Nose Kate's Saloon! (I couldn't bear to do a costumed photo without Katie.)

Truly the cutest place.

And I had ice cream. Natch.

#rachaelseesamerica #rachaelisamerica

Unknown and shot dead - common themes of this dark and exciting (I guess?! I mean...yes...but that feels wrong.) time in American history.

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