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Just life

What quote am I vibing? "There is no normal life. There's just life." Doc Holliday

Road Day: 64 & 65

Audiobooks Finished: 5. (Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. Have you read this?? SO GOOD.)

I have spent two days breezing through California and some of Arizona. I originally meant to spend some time in the southern California national parks, and see some of the natural wonders of Arizona, but I have business in Texas, and it just can't wait. But first, I had to visit the place where the only bad boy to ever capture my heart participated in the famous gunfight at the OK Corral.

I'll work tomorrow but then spend the afternoon and evening living the Tombstone life. I am unreasonably excited. Fittingly, staying in the Doc Holliday suite in Tombstone's first lodging house. Where Doc for sure spent some time?? Eeeee!

Things I missed in California: National Parks, National Forests, Missions, Coastal Cities, Coastal Drive, More Redwoods.

Things I experienced in California: The most amazing lightning storm I have ever seen in my life followed by Tropical Storm Rosa nearly blowing me off a ridge near Palm Desert/Joshua Tree. The nicest laundromat of my trip so far in Blythe, CA (no children and plenty of clean washers and dryers, with labels on the ones that didn't work.) Icing that tasted exactly like my grandmother's - on some coconut cake, also in Blythe.

I'm going to watch Tombstone while I fall asleep. It's always been in my top 5 movies, but right now it's by far my favorite. 20 hours of driving in the past two days plus a work shift have me a little delirious. Sorry for the ramble!

Even better because it's spelled wrong, I say. EEEE!!!

Tombstone on a Monday night is dark and quiet. Looking forward to it being a little more lively tomorrow!

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