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Just you wait

What quote am I vibing? "There's a million things I haven't done. But just you wait. Just you wait." Alexander Hamilton, from Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Road Day: 22

I had to get to Chicago in good time so I wouldn't miss Hamilton!!

It was surreal to finally see this show that I know so well on stage, and be able to fill in some blanks, and solidify some images in my mind. The actors' movement is magical. I was theirs, the whole time. Forgive my pictures with the actors as I was SOBBING a few minutes prior to taking them.

I waited at the stage door and saw a few people, but was antsy to get back to my lovely airbnb and sleep - I'm giving myself the morning to sleep as much as my body wants to, then I'll head to a White Sox game in the afternoon.

Pre-show excitement

That's the thing.

My view of the stage cut off everyone's heads when they were on that catwalk. So it was like a prequel to Lin's French Revolution musical.

Eliza!! (Jamila Sabares-Klemm)

King George!! (Andrew Call)

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