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Master of his soul

What quote am I vibing? "Unless a man is master of his soul, all other kinds of mastery amount to little." Theodore Roosevelt

Road Day: 61 & 62

I have had two semi-quiet days, preparing to get back on the road, mentally and actually. (Mostly by eating everything in my refrigerator, not by anything practical like packing.)

My host Sylvia invited me to dinner at Cafe Maddalena in Dunsmuir - the food was wonderful, and the conversation even better! I've been here for weeks, and have adored everything about Sylvia. It was such a gift to get to known her a little better. I can't believe I'm leaving my cottage and her beautiful property soon. It is my deepest hope to return here as soon as I can.

Today I had to work late shift. I tried to hike to a Falls on my sacred site list after work, but I didn't go to the right place, and I was nervous about setting out too late because the sun is escaping the sky earlier and earlier. Instead of being frustrated, I took this as a sign and a gift - one more visit to the Peace Garden. Thank you to whatever sent me there.

Staring at Mount Shasta through some new smoke that kicked up from a little fire two days ago, I decided to change plans for tomorrow. I'll still continue with my morning plan, but I need a few more hours on Mount Shasta. Smoky or not. It has guided my energy here, and filled my heart with love.

But that's tomorrow, today I'm awfully boring! An early night to prepare for adventures.

At peace. With a hint at next Saturday's plans.

Grapes above us for the picking. Cafe Maddalena. Gorgeous.

I dunno where I was. But it wasn't where I was supposed to be. The sun is strangely orange through smoke.

One last hour giving myself time to breathe and slow down. My mountain is behind that smoke cloud.

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