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No expectations

What quote am I vibing? "The best things in life are unexpected, because there are no expectations." Eli Khamarov

What am I reading? The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough

Road Day: 8

Miles traveled today: 285

Drove from Outer Banks to Alexandria, VA today to spend the evening in Old Town with David, Ted, and Corey. Yummy dinner, ice cream, and a wander through the waterfront.

A silly night, laughing and smiling.

I always forget how truly terrible the traffic is around DC --- I'm thinking the wide open spaces out west will make for less stressful driving!

Exciting TR activity on the docket for tomorrow, meanwhile, I'll be dreaming of my favorite president in the National Parks guest room. ❤︎

Last moments in OBX reading in the hammock.

Extremely serious with David in Alexandria waterfront.

When someone tells you to crouch lower, you find a way.

Teddy Roosevelt Pins PRESENT!!! Plus I'm staying in David and Ted's National Parks guest room. Love.

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