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So much stubborn hope

What quote am I vibing? "There is so much stubborn hope in the human heart. The most destitute men often end up by accepting illusion. That approval prompted by the need for peace inwardly parallels the existential consent. There are thus gods of light and idols of mud. But it is essential to find the middle path leading to the faces of man." Albert Camus

Road Day: 47

Books Finished: 3 (The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus)

I think I found the perfect way to have a completely peaceful day but still do something entirely exciting, interesting and invigorating. I told Sylvia that I wanted to stay local today, and she told me about a trail that I'll hike tomorrow, and the Gateway Peace Garden, which immediately chimed in my ears as exactly what I needed to do today.

I spent an hour and a half in the garden. When I first entered the garden, I was initially thrown off by two people speaking on their cell phones (?) and a family shouting back and forth to each other between garden spaces. But, my time was not their time, so I continued on quietly and was initially drawn to the labyrinth that leads to Mary - it is sort of the central part of the whole garden. The labyrinth path is very narrow, as you may be able to see below. I basically had to put one foot in front of the other, literally. And at times I felt a little silly, because I wasn't always sure where the path was leading. But, sure enough, it eventually led right to Mary, where I could do nothing but kneel and bow my head. I'm not even Catholic. Just felt right.

Every little path led to something unique and beautiful. There's something for everyone in this garden. Sometimes I just looked. Sometimes I sat down on a bench and let the sun warm me. Sometimes I read my book - I finished The Myth of Sisyphus in front of St. Francis. It was a bit of an odd choice - reading a philosophy essay about the absurdism of life in a place so full of prayerful contemplation and deep hope. Maybe it was exactly the right mix.

This garden is on someone's private property that they open up to humanity, just because they are kind and generous, and want to share in a universal prayer for peace. They provide the materials for people to share in the prayer flag process - a way to unite people from different backgrounds and faiths. Who wouldn't want to leave a positive prayer or message in a place like this? I'm so happy. I can't wait to go back.

St. Francis chilling in his spot. Lord make me an instrument of thy Peace.

The labyrinth leading to Mother Mary

The end of the maze.

Not sure, but beautiful.

Buddha and beautiful. I spent a lot of time here with my book.

Me in the Buddha space.

I came just one day short of The Peacetree's fourth birthday!

The opportunity to participate in the Peace.

That's mine! The purple one. Half in shadow, half in light. So are we all.

The Peace Pole. "May peace prevail on Earth." There are beautiful heart shaped stones throughout this space.

These low draping prayer flags fill my heart with joy.

Mother Mary Meditation Garden

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