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Summer afternoon

What quote am I vibing? “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." Henry James

What am I reading? Heir to the Empire City by Edward Kohn.

Road Day: 5

Today, I had my last day in an old role, and I start a new role at work Monday. Over lunch, I went to visit the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. I parked in the parking lot, but I couldn't find it. Mostly because I didn't look up. But, I did wander to Whalehead Club, the historic home of the Knight Family, and I took an audio tour. You may not know this, but touring historical homes is my jam. They don't even have to do with our 26th President at all, and I'm still in. I love the smell of old stuff. The unnecessary details that the terrifically wealthy add to their homes to use up that money. It all thrills me.

As I was leaving, a tour guide illustrated the powers of using ones neck to find what one is looking for, and I was able to navigate to the lighthouse - which was then closed due to thunder concerns. Another day, perhaps.

The good news is, vacation has officially begun! With two days off ahead of me, and a beautiful sunny afternoon and evening, I got in pool time, swing time, and reading time!




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