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We are at home

What quote am I vibing? “Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair and let us huddle together as darkness takes over. We are at home amidst the birds and the trees, for we are children of nature.” Susan Polis Schutz

Road Day: 49 & 50

Trails Hiked: Spencer Butte Main Trail (Eugene, OR). 2.2 miles. Elevation change: 732 feet. Surface: packed down dirt/stone stairs

I missed blogging one day! I'm impressed that you noticed. Yesterday, I drove from Mount Shasta to Eugene, OR to get away from the smoke for the weekend and spend some time with my cousin Christine, her husband Genaro, and their son Felix who I haven't seen in years! It was amazing to see them and spend some time with family.

We shared delicious meals - tacos last night, Pad Thai for lunch, and fancy pizza this evening - wandered around the super chill and family-friendly town of Eugene. Chatted about home and family. Beautiful and happy times.

Today, I spent the morning at Owen Rose Garden -- I can't explain how many gorgeous varieties of roses I saw. The fragrance! The interesting rose names! I like flowers, but I have never been so wowed wandering slowly through a garden, taking everything in.

Later in the morning, I walked around the Saturday Market for a bit before sharing lunch with my family - this was probably the best such market I've ever seen. All juried craftsmen selling their own goods, a wonderful variety of skincare, art, trinkets, wearables - sold by the friendliest folks. Awesome musicians here, there and everywhere throughout the market and the YUMMIEST food options! I would look forward to another visit to Eugene for the rose garden and Saturday market, even if my sweet cousins weren't here to make everything perfect.

We took the trail to Spencer Butte which was quite a steep ascent at times. Felix slept for part of it, but mountain-goated up most of the trail using his 2 and a half year old legs like a little champ. The view from the summit was amazing - 360 degrees of the Willamette Valley, and a gorgeous blue sky with white fluffy clouds. The walk down was much nicer than the walk up, as usual with these nutty mountains!

A couple hours of reading in Amazon Park, one last meal and evening with the fam, and now I'm off to bed for a good night's sleep and a trip back to Shasta tomorrow with an exciting detour.

(Fun note: Today would have been my grandmother, Irene Miller's 100th birthday. It was great to spend it with family who loved her.)

Felix and me, checking out the world.

Morning dew on roses, a true gift.

Memorial Day roses and a rare glasses photo.

Peace, love, and roses.

Cherry tree planted in 1846.

Super-cool, super-Eugene band.

Willamette Valley in all its glory.

CLOUDS! What a sky.

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